Eye On Malaysia

Last Saturday 18 August 2007, me and wife went to the Eye On Malaysia.
Since that i've already received my bonus and after promising my wife to bring her there.....so here it is.
The ticket Rm30 for 2 adult...quite expensive for a 12 minute ride
Me and my wife inside the big wheel

Last pose....before going back home

Open Solaris

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Anugerah Ilahi

Pagi ni aku hantar wife aku untuk dia pegi team building di Mutiara Taman Negara.
Mlm td......tiba2 terdetik hati aku nk buat pregnancy test untuk wife aku.
Yerla kan....nk pegi team building....manalah tau ada isi....takleh le lasak sgt.
Lps buat jer test...kuar result positif.
Time lebih kurang kul 10 mlm......tak puas hati terus aku bwk wife pegi Klinik Kita kat Wangsa Maju.
Buat second test....alhamdulillah....confirm pregnant 5 minggu 2 hari.
Ikut perkiraan doktor smlm....due dlm 9/4.
Time tu 2 hari lps 1st wedding anniversary aku.
Syukur alhamdulillah.........Thanks Farrah...I love you.

31 August 2007

31 August 2007 will be the 50th anniversary of malaysia celebrating the independence day.
This year is also the Visit Malaysia 2007 year.
Relating to that, i'm always supporting my country by visiting places in Malaysia.
I'll be going to Terengganu for a holiday this independence day.
hehehhehe.....i'll update later on my trip.

I'll depart on 30 August and will return back on the 2 September 2007.
See you later..........chow