Swimming, Mines Wonderland & Movie Marathon

I was on leave today since i need to settle up something with the lawyer. Even though we both on leave, we still send Adriana to the nursery. But we send her a bit late and took her earlier. We actually settle up everything around 10.00 am so we decide to watch GENG - Pengembaraan Bermula Upin & Ipin movie. We went to Galaxy Ampang for it. The best thing is, on wednesday certain movies cost only RM5. The shows starts at 1.30pm, while waiting for it we decided to watch another movie Rasukan Ablasa with same ticket price. Hehehehe. We haven't watch any movies at the theater ever since Adriana was born. So today can be considered as a revenged. As an overall, i rate both movies as OK. GENG really suitable for kids while that Rasukan Ablasa, i can say it as typical malay film.
Last Saturday, we bring Adriana for some swimming. The same day as well we went to Mines Wonderland which only opens from 5.00pm to 11.00pm. However it was quite frustrated since most of attraction there was closed for renovation. Here's some of the picture while we are there.

Maybank2u SCAM

Today i received an email from someone pretending to be maybank. If i'm a normal user @ lay man user, definitely i might falls into this trap.
So guys, please be aware of this. You can easily notice what's the connection that this Capital One Bank have with Maybank. Hahahaha

Cruise Rides @ Mines

Last Saturday I’ve went to Mines just for a purpose of boat cruising. I went there together with my wife, lovely daughter as well as my father and mother in law. Actually, we got a free ticket for 4 people and by hook or by crook, we have to go there on that day since the ticket will expire after that day. Hehehehe

Last time I noticed that the ticket price is just RM10 but nowadays it cost RM22 for adult and RM11 for kids below 12 years old. Since I got 4 tickets, meaning I’ve saved RM88 for a 15 minutes boat rides.

Along the way, the boat driver acts as a tour guide for us. One thing that really bothers me is this house. Can you guess whose house is this?

This house and the boat actually belong to Sheikh Kadir Sheikh Fadzil, the former minister. I’m not really remember what ministry he was (coz not so famous or handsome i think). Our tour guide told us it cost around RM 8 million to build the house. Where the hell did he got all those money? And this house was only meant for his second wife. Guys, think about it....maybe we should become a politician as well.

Last but not least, before we went back we drop by at Sate Kajang for our lunch. Forgot to take any picture since everyone was too hungry.

aksi manja Adriana

Microlink League 2009

Last Sunday (yesterday) I was involved with a futsal tournament organized by our vendor Microlink. The participants basically come from all their clients. Some of the EON Bank, CIMB, Amanah Raya, Bank Muamalat and others which I can’t recall the name of them.

Mens super league and senior players

Bank Muamalat itself sends three teams for the event. One for the super league, one for the women and one for the senior team. I’m playing for the super league since I’m yet to qualified for the senior team. Heheheh. The super league group comprises of seven teams, whereas the senior only consist of four teams while the women only have five teams. It’s really a tough challenge.

In the end, we didn’t even manage to win any single game. Our team just has enough players. The result we lost 2 -1, 6 – 1, 2 -1, 4 – 0. Of all the three goals scored, I managed to score once.

Teams from Bank Muamalat

The day before, I bring my wife, my daughter and my in law for a cruise ride in Mines Resort. I’ll update it later since I haven’t uploaded the picture yet.

p/s: Womens team got the fourth place, Senior team got the second place but our team....the last place. hahahaha