New Environment....New Challenges

It has one week since I joined my new company. By the way, those who missed out - I have left Bank Muamalat after serving there for about 3 years. My last date of employment was on 10th March 2011.

I have joined a Government Link Investment Company (GLIC) called KWAP. Never heard of the term GLIC? Among other GLIC are KWSP and PNB. In fact KWAP is the third largest company after those two that I mentioned earlier.

The security team here in KWAP is a new setup. It's good for me to become among pioneer of it. For this first one week I have been assigned with a lot of task. Well I can understand the situation. In fact my head of the department spoke to me earlier. He expects me to join a bit earlier and now since I'm here, I need to quickly catch up and settle in.

Putting aside on the work part. Here in KWAP they promote a work life balance. For example, every Tuesday after the office hour we will have to go KLCC for some jogging. It's good thing to have which promotes a healthy life. On top of that, they also have the sports club which organize all the sports carnival. It reminds me of what we used to have back in SCAN.

Well, I guess that's all for now. Wish me all the best. Next, in my new update I plan to share more on the gold investment. In fact this is my latest collection / investment. The newly launch Dinar Perak. I can only afford for 1/2 dinar of pure 999 gold worth RM345. Feel free to contact me if need more information on the gold investment.

Hong Kong Trip Day 3 (18/2/2011) - Part 2

By the time we came down from The Peak, it's already around 12.15pm. Our guide (Ahmad) then brings us to the famous Masjid Ammar Osman Ramju Sadick Islamic Centre. I got the opprtunity to perform the friday prayer there. Before the prayer itself, the conduct some kuliah in english language. The imam himself got a really fluent tongue when reciting the Quranic verses.

The mosque was about the same age of mine. It was open in 1981. Since Hong Kong have the same time zone like Malaysia, the prayer time also almost the same.

If you are already in Hong Kong, it would be a must to eat the famous dishes - Dim Sum. And we can get the delicious and halal Dim Sum inside the Mosque @ islamic centre itself.

After our lunch, we decided to go nearby the ferry jetty and took some pictures of all Hong Kong high rise building. We spent about half an hour there.
Here's another picture while we are here:

Our final destination before heading to the airport are Temple Street. At night, there are Temple Street night market but we went there a bit earlier in the evening at around 4.00pm. I can say here you can find a lot of electronic gadget around here. The seller itself not so rude compare to the Ladies market. And my parents end up with Andoidpad. Cost about HKD 1000 which equivalent to RM390. Not bad....with a similar Ipad look.
Overall, we really enjoy the trip.We planned to visit Hong Kong again in the future.

Hong Kong Trip Day 3 (18/2/2011) - Part 1

Our last day in Hong Kong starts as early as possible. Around 9.00 am actually. For this last day, we have opted to charter a guide that I mentioned earlier (Ahmad) for one whole day. Our first destination – The Peak which is located in Hong Kong island. Visiting The Peak is considered a must for every traveler. From here (depends on the weather) you can see Hong Kong island from the top.

The traffic was quite jammed actually. And we reached The Peak around 9.45 am. To reach at The Peak you can choose to take a tramp.

Getting to the Peak by the Peak Tram is an unforgettable experience. One of the world's oldest and most famous funicular railways, the tram rises to 396 metres (about 1,300 feet) above sea level. It is so steep that the buildings you pass look like they are leaning a gradient of between 4 to 27 degrees! Whether you are going up or coming down, you will love this trip.

The ticket prices at HKD36 return for adult and children between 3 – 11 years old price at HKD16. Since Adriana during that time was still 2 years plus, so it’s FREE for her. Since we have bought the octopus card earlier, we can also use it here.

We were told earlier at the counter, the weather was quite breezy and we can’t really see anything on top of The Peak Sky Terrace. So, we didn’t buy the ticket for it.

There are a lot of shops available at The Peak tower. We found out the price offered here is quite cheap. In fact it's even cheaper compare to Ladies Market which you have to bargain. My wife and my parents did end up buying lots of souvenir here. Me myself, I bought a camera pen.

The weather at The Peak was really cold. i believe the temperature was somewhere near 5 degrees. Luckily for my daughter, we did bought her a pair of hand glove.

Inside The Peak as well, there's the famous Madame Tussauds museum. However, since time was running out and consider it is friday I didn't went in. Just taking some pictures outside the museum.