Counting My Days

I have submit my resignation letter to the HR and Head of IT this evening.
So with that, my last day will be on Thursday (5th june 2008), exactly 7 months I've been here.
One thing that really make a difference between a one week notice and one month notice is the confirmation letter. Just after I submit the letter then I received my confirmation letter. Too bad that, HR already agreed with my one week notice. I'll tell my boss next week about this.

This morning, my boss called me up. We have some chit chat. First she told me that the EUC team will be deploying a new software to all 100++ branches somewhere in June. And the EUC team request someone from security to assist them. My boss assigned my for this task, meaning I have to travel to all branches. Nice one...But looks like she needs to find someone else.

Then, my boss asked about my current salary. Looks like she already smells something. Hahahaha.
She's pity with me since I didn't received any adjustment last time. The reason might be because I took some time for joining the bank about 2 months delay. Well, last time I'm waiting for the bonus and increment from SCAN first, then only I joined the bank. She also noticed that fresh graduates for the bank are earning RM2500 as the starting pay. Once they are confirmed they will get around RM2800 if I'm not mistake. Even my grade is the same with the fresh grads only that my salary is slightly higher.

Lastly, she asked me whether I have any friends interested to join the bank under the security team. She would prefer someone to have some skills on AS400 if possible. Our team really need more people to cope with all the projects. Talking about that, EON Bank will advertise all the vacancies in tomorrow The Star newspaper. Or you can just check the bank's official website.

Bon Voyage

Yes. I'm leaving. heheheheh.
I have agreed to accept the offer that i received. In fact I've done the medical checkup as well.
The offer is too good for me turn it down.
I received the salary exactly as what I'm expected of. Thank god.

So, tomorrow (Friday) I'll submit my resignation letter. But until now i haven't received the rest of my salary. Arghhhhh...RM900++ is a big amount of money.
I'm sure that tomorrow my boss will be shocked with the letter that I will pass to her.'s also your fault. Maybe this can be a good lesson for you. Next time, please give some respect to your staff and never questioning anything relating to religious issue.

If everything goes according to plan...I should start at the bank on 9th June 2008. That if my one week resignation is accepted. If not, then I've to wait for one month.

Good News

While waiting for my missing salary, which until today I haven't received it, I received a call on Saturday from one company calling for an interview session on Thursday (tomorrow). On Monday, I've already apply for leave. Today, I just received a call from one bank which I attended the first and second interview last month saying that I got the job. Since joining EON Bank, I have went to three interview plus another one tomorrow. Alhamdulillah. Thank GOD for all the blessings. Maybe this is rezeki for my new baby.

I'm yet to know how much they offer, but I will know it tomorrow. I'll collect the offer tomorrow and if I agree with all the terms, I need to do my medical checkup before I can join them.

By right, I need to give one month notice to EON Bank. However, even though I'm already a confirmed staff, I've yet to receive the confirmation letter. So, I can leave the Bank by giving one week notice. Hehehehehe.....I'll update later whether I accept or reject the offer. I'm sure if I tender my resignation, my boss will get angry and shocked with it. Hahahahha.....Don't care lah (this is the word that has always been used by my supervisor).


In EON Bank, we're supposed to receive our salary on the 25th every month.
Since this month, 25th fall on Sunday I have received my salary yesterday on the 23rd.
However, I was really shocked when I checked my account through internet banking that my salary short a few amounts.
If it just a few bucks I won't mind, but it was RM900++.
This is crazy.
This Monday I definitely will ask the HR and the payroll unit to check for it.
Can't wait for Monday, eventhough I usually hate Monday. But this time I have no choice.

The Double

Glory Glory Man United.

Yes. That was the song surrounding the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow. Not Chelsea Chelsea.
Poor Chelsea. Again they get second best behind the almighty United.
With the triumph of the Champions League, meaning United have completed a double joy for this season – The Premiership and now the European Champions League.

A quick recap. Ronaldo open the score for United in 28th minute with a superb header from a cross from Wes Brown, even though using his left foot. Just before half time, Chelsea equalized through Frank Lampard thanks to a cheeky deflection from Vidic and Ferdinand. Overall, in the first half United were in total control even Tevez missed a couple of chances.

Second half Chelsea control the game and Drogba and Lampard both had a shot that hit the woodwork and the bar. Only in the last 10 minutes United had a glorious opportunity but Giggs shot was cleared on the line by Terry.

Extra time the game quite balance until Drogba was sent off for touching Vidic face. Then it went to penalty shootout. Just before the shootout start, I received sms from Nik Apis saying that now its up to the luck. I replied saying, just pray for it lah.

Tevez - Score

Ballack - Score

Carrick - Score

Balletti - Score

Ronaldo - Miss

Lampard - Score

Hargreaves - Score

A. Cole - Score

Nani - Score

Terry - Miss

Anderson - Score

Kalou - Score

Giggs - Score

Anelka - Miss

So John Terry, from hero to zero.

We have won it for the third time in United history. I received quite a number of sms from all my United Fan colleague. Not to forget, I did send some sms to the Chelsea fan. Again.....GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED.

HITB SecConf 2008 Malaysia

The Call for Papers (CFP) for the 6th Hack In The Box Security
Conference in Malaysia (27th - 30th October 2008) is now open.

We've got some really cool stuff lined up this year including an
open-hack competition for charity, a third track in the conference
(hitb-labs), 4 keynote speakers + 30 international experts, the usual
team based capture the flag competition, a new wireless (bluetooth,
rfid, 802.11) village and lock picking village!

Summaries not exceeding 1250 words should be submitted (in plain text
format) to cfp -at- for review and possible inclusion
in the programme.

Submissions are due no later than 30th of June 2008


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following:

# 3G/4G Cellular Networks
# Apple / OS X security vulnerabilities
# SS7/Backbone telephony networks
# Analysis of network and security vulnerabilities
# Firewall technologies
# Intrusion detection
# Data Recovery, Forensics and Incident Response
# HSDPA and CDMA Security
# Identification and Entity Authentication
# Network Protocol and Analysis
# Smart Card and Physical Security
# Virus and Worms
# WLAN, RFID and Bluetooth Security
# Analysis of malicious code
# Applications of cryptographic techniques
# Analysis of attacks against networks and machines
# File system security


We do not accept product or vendor related pitches. If your talk
involves an advertisement for a new product or service your company is
offering, please do not submit.

Your submission should include:

# Name, title, address, email and phone/contact number
# Short biography, qualification, occupation, achievement and
affiliations (limit 250 words).
# Summary or abstract for your presentation (limit 1250 words)
# Technical requirements (video, internet, wireless, audio, etc.)

Each non-resident speaker will receive accommodation for 2 nights/3
days. For each non-resident speaker, HITB will cover travel expenses up
to USD 1,000.00.

HITBSecConf2008 - Malaysia - Sponsorship Options

For an opportunity to position your company as a major supporter of this
event, we have several sponsorship packages which offers an extensive
variety of direct and exclusive mechanisms for pre-event exposure and
direct business generation during the event. If you are interested in
further details regarding sponsorship of HITBSecConf2008 - Malaysia,
please contact us.


On a related note, the keynote presentation videos from HITBSecConf2008
- Dubai is also now available for download from here:

Day 1 Keynote:
Day 2 Keynote:

See you guys in October!

Reply From ASTRO

Beside sending the complaint to The Sun newspaper, I also send it to the ASTRO itself.
And this is the respond i received today.

Dear Encik Wan Azhar,

We refer to your email below.

Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Please be advised that we have agreed to waive your subscription fee amounting to RM5.99 due to the technical problem from 10 May 2008 to 12 May 2008. This adjustment will be reflected on your forthcoming statement.

We trust the above clarifications are in order. Should you have further queries, kindly contact our Call Centre at 1300-82-3838 which is operational from 8.00 am to 12.00 midnight daily or email to

It is our pleasure to be of service to you.

Yours Sincerely,

Even though my phone bills cost much higher than this, but I'm still glad that they do give some waive.

Growing Up

By the time i write this post, my baby Wan Nur Adriana already 4.2kg on weight.
She's growing so fast....considering she was born with only 2kg and when she was discharged from the hospital with just 1.7kg. Here's some of the picture i took last night.

Pray to Allah the Almighty

Today, is the third day for one of my good friend doing his Chemotherapy.
All of us was shocked when we heard about the news when he was diagnosed with this

Embryonal carcinoma:

This type of nonseminoma germ cell cancer is present in about 40% of testicular tumors. Pure embryonal carcinomas occur only 3% to 4% of the time. When seen under a microscope, these tumors can look like tissues of very early embryos. This type of nonseminoma tends to grow rapidly and spread outside the testicle.

Since being admitted to the hospital and now for the chemotherapy, he has been writing his own blogs. And since then I've never missed reading his blog.
To you my friend Mohd Zairy Mohd Tamam or also known as Ciki, I'll pray for your health. Then you can start thinking of having futsal session together again.


We are the champion

One down and one to go.
We have successfully defended the English Premier League trophy again this year.
Now all sets for the European Champions League final against Chelsea in Moscow in 10 days time.
It will be a double heartbreak for Chelsea if they lost to us in the final.
In fact, there are some good news to the United camp. John Terry might be out for the final with dislocated shoulder injury.

Glory Glory Man United.


I've submitted this email to the sun newspaper.

Last Friday, when I came back from the office, I switched my ASTRO to channel 812 ESPN. Unfortunately is says that the channel is not in my subscription. Immediately I call ASTRO customer service and the customer service officer told me that they cannot access the system temporarily and promised to return my call once the system is OK. I keep on waiting but I haven't received any return call from them.

The next morning as early 8.00 am I gave them a call again. And this time they promised that my ASTRO should be OK in half an hour. After half an hour the problem yet to be solved and it started to pissed me off. I called them again and this time, they said I need to wait another one hour and they guarantee that the service will be OK. One hour later, the problem is yet to be solved. Again I called them, and this time they said I need to wait 24 hours for the service to be OK. What a stupid service provided by this ASTRO. They keep on promising and yet my ASTRO still facing the problem.

On Sunday, I call them again and this this they said they will try to solved it immediately but until now I still can't view my ASTRO. Even last night I need to watched my football match at mamak stall. Then what's the purpose of having ASTRO if I can't watch it at my own house? This ASTRO is now much terrible than before. Since receiving the new smartcard, I'm facing a lot of problem. First, my new smartcard got problem and I need to wait for one week to received the replacement card. Now, I can't even watched the channel that I subscribed to. And I've spent lot of my phone bills just to call them. What a stupid and terrible customer service.

Just that you are the only company that provide satellite service doesn't mean that you can treat your customer lightly. The government should take further action about it. What's the purpose of paying the bills if I can't watch it. And every time I need to call them with the problem yet to be solved and just to get speak with the customer service officer it took almost half an hour to get through the line.


Today 5 May 2008 means I've been working here in EON Bank for six months. Unofficially, I'm now a confirmed staff and just waiting for the official letter from HR. I've done the appraisal for confirmation last week and my score isn't too bad.
Now, I'm already entitled for the staff car loan at 4% monthly reduced. But I'm only looking forward for a staff housing loan at a rate of 3% per annum. Not bad huh.

Even though I'm already a confirmed staff, something still bothering me. After the bank announced the salary adjustment, the fresh graduates who joined the bank earning now earning almost the same salary with me who already have 4 years of experience. This is totally unfair and I would like to seek explanation from the HR today. Better that I rejoined again the bank. Hahahaha. If I managed to get some adjustment as well, then it would be a bonus for me. I pray for God on that and hope you guys pray for me as well.