19th December 2009 @ 4.30pm

Last Friday, the day where all Muslims celebrated Awal Muharam I was going back to my father hometown in Penang. I’m attending the Akad Nikah of my cousin on that day. The wedding will be on the next day.

On our way back there, my wife received SMS from her elder sister to come back home immediately due to the reason, my father in law condition is critical. For your information, my father in law suffering with cancer (stomach)stage 4.

We reached Penang about 3.00 pm. After Asar prayer we dropped by to my cousin house and about 6.30 pm we quickly drove back to KL. I reached Teluk Panglima Garang about 12.30 am. Everyone already there and my father in law just staring without even blinking his eyes.

On the next day, at about 4.30 pm my father in law passed away leaving behind my mother in law and five (children). AL FATIHAH to Allahyarham Nori Bin Minhat.

Semoga Rohnya dirahmati & dicucuri Rahmat Allah

KL - Jakarta - Bandung (Part 1)

As promised in my previous two posts, here are some notes on my last trip to Jakarta and Bandung.

We went there for one week.

This time we plan to go for sightseeing compare to our last year trip which focused on shopping. Hahahaha. We depart from KL about 4.00pm and arrive at Jakarta about 6.00pm. The time difference between Malaysia and Indonesia is just one hour. In other words, 6.00 pm in Indonesia is the same like 7.00 pm in Malaysia.

Since it already dark, nothing much can be done. We straightly check in at Sofyan Cikini Hotel. This hotel is an Islamic hotel and a good place to stay if you travel with your family. Reason why we choose this hotel is because it’s not far away from Gambir Train Station. We planned to take a train to Bandung in the next morning. From what we heard and read over the internet, travelling by train to Bandung is a good adventure. And certainly it does not disappoint us. The view was really amazing. All of us are wondering, how they did it (building a highway around the mountain and cliff). Here’s some of picture.

Once we arrived there, the driver from the hotel that we have made our reservation, already waiting for us. Here in Bandung we stay at Orange House. Here we took a family room which can occupy up to 5 members with a very reasonable rate. It’s really worth it. I would highly recommend you guys to stay here if you are not too fussy. The only thing which is lacked is their cafĂ© in which every day, they serve the same menu for breakfast (nasi uduk). But for me it’s still ok with the amount we pay. I'll continue in my next post.