It was raining yesterday. I was driving about 50km/h with my wife and my baby.
I noticed that there is one car behind me, a Nissan AD Resort with plate number WDK 5382 driving a bit fast and so near my car.
I sensed something would be happen if I brake and my thought was right.
Just about reaching Taman Shamelin the car hit the backside of my car. The impact wasn't really too hard but it awakes my sleeping baby.

I quickly stop my car at the roadside, looked at my car and immediately went to the driver. My hands was bleeding when checking my car due to some broken glasses from the Nissan car lamp. Since that it is definitely his mistakes the guy keep on saying sorry. I can't remember how many rough words I used towards that Chinese guy but I never regrets it. In fact at one moment I felt like I want to drag him out from the car since I was sweating with rains while he didn't even came out from his car. What a selfish. Luckily I have some patience not to punch him. Hahahahha.

He offered me RM50 as a compensation. Does he thinks I'm stupid? RM50 can't cover the cost for my repair. Eventhough the paint at the bumper just scratch but still it can cost at least RM100. I asked for more if not I will make a police report. He showed me his wallet which contains a total of RM120. I asked for all of it but he keeps on begging. In the end, I agree with RM100 compensation.

As a result of it, today I'm having some flu and fever due to standing a bit long under the rain. Hope I can recover before tomorrow.

Cameron Trip

We went to Cameron Highlands last Sunday. I thought, since KL haven't rain for the past one week then Cameron would be the same. In fact I did call my friend there and she did mentioned that Cameron are not raining for the whole week. Therefore, I didn't even bring any sweater to wear.

On the day I reached there, it was raining. And the rains continue for the whole day. Definitely the temperature is too cold. Since I didn't bring any thick cloth for me, my wife and especially my baby then straightaway I went to the market at Berinchang to find some cloth for my baby. Hehehehe. Luckily I can found it there.

Overall, nothing much to do except eating. Hahahha. Among the menu that we had during that trip - bubur jagung, tomyam sayur, sup tulang, bread with tuna, keropok. It seems that all foods are not enough for all the starving people who went there. Oh...I forgot to mentioned that there are about 16 people all together. Here are some of the piccas.
Me, my wife and our lovely baby
My father and mother together with their first granddaughter
My family - missing in picture my second younger brother. The tallest is my youngest brother

PD Family Gathering

In my last post, I did mentioned that I'll be going to Port Dickson.
Well here's the update.

We went there on Friday after the office hour. We reached Port Dickson around 10.00 pm. So, nothing much to update on the first day. We took our bath, have some dinner and straight away went to bed.

On the next morning, after taking my bath, I snap some picture with my baby while some of the family members especially the kids already went to the beach. I've decided to go to the beach in the afternoon to avoid sun burn. Hahahahah. Another reason was because my baby looks a bit sleepy.
After having our lunch, Abg Zack bring back some rambutan and durian for everyone to enjoy it. By that time also, Angah already arrived. He came a bit late since his son had a class that Saturday morning. Everyone really enjoy this activity especially my wife which durian is her favorite fruit.
In the afternoon we went to the beach. This time all the family members went there. We start with a beach soccer. I thought i would like to play with my baby in the water, unfortunately she was so sleepy. Only about half an hour later I managed to bring her after she had her short nap.

That night, we had a barbecue session. The menu were chicken and some prawn. Myself and my brother in law act as the main chef for whole this. We done with the barbecue at around 10.30 pm and its time to sleep before we went back to KL next day. Overall, I can consider this gathering a success since this was the first time my wife siblings get to hang out all together.

Well, i guess that's all for now. By the time i write this blog, Man united are facing Portsmouth in the Charity Shield and the result man Utd won it. Next week, I have another family gathering (my side) and it will be in Cameron Highlands.


This weekend I spend it alone with my daughter since my wife needs to go to the office.
By the time I write this blog she stills sleeping.

Yesterday, one of my best friends in SCAN Azie got married. Unfortunately I can't attend it due to some reason that I can't avoid it. I'm so sorry Azie. But, I've have some present for you. Again Congratulations on your wedding.

Just now, I also read a blog of my friends akram. Be strong on all the difficulties you faced. Insyaallah your son will be fine. Just pray a lot.

Actually I'm not feeling so well right now. In fact it has been almost one week since I'm facing some problem with my eyes. My tears keeps on coming and my eyes feels so dry. The doctor already give me some medicine but until now it still didn't cured. Luckily the doctor said that it won't infect others.

Lastly, I managed to snap up a picture of my baby wearing hat. Normally she will cries if I put anything on her head. Well have a look at it. Cute right?

p/s: next week I'll be going to port Dickson will all my wife siblings. She already booked a bungalow from TNB there. I'll keep you guys updated later.