19th December 2009 @ 4.30pm

Last Friday, the day where all Muslims celebrated Awal Muharam I was going back to my father hometown in Penang. I’m attending the Akad Nikah of my cousin on that day. The wedding will be on the next day.

On our way back there, my wife received SMS from her elder sister to come back home immediately due to the reason, my father in law condition is critical. For your information, my father in law suffering with cancer (stomach)stage 4.

We reached Penang about 3.00 pm. After Asar prayer we dropped by to my cousin house and about 6.30 pm we quickly drove back to KL. I reached Teluk Panglima Garang about 12.30 am. Everyone already there and my father in law just staring without even blinking his eyes.

On the next day, at about 4.30 pm my father in law passed away leaving behind my mother in law and five (children). AL FATIHAH to Allahyarham Nori Bin Minhat.

Semoga Rohnya dirahmati & dicucuri Rahmat Allah

KL - Jakarta - Bandung (Part 1)

As promised in my previous two posts, here are some notes on my last trip to Jakarta and Bandung.

We went there for one week.

This time we plan to go for sightseeing compare to our last year trip which focused on shopping. Hahahaha. We depart from KL about 4.00pm and arrive at Jakarta about 6.00pm. The time difference between Malaysia and Indonesia is just one hour. In other words, 6.00 pm in Indonesia is the same like 7.00 pm in Malaysia.

Since it already dark, nothing much can be done. We straightly check in at Sofyan Cikini Hotel. This hotel is an Islamic hotel and a good place to stay if you travel with your family. Reason why we choose this hotel is because it’s not far away from Gambir Train Station. We planned to take a train to Bandung in the next morning. From what we heard and read over the internet, travelling by train to Bandung is a good adventure. And certainly it does not disappoint us. The view was really amazing. All of us are wondering, how they did it (building a highway around the mountain and cliff). Here’s some of picture.

Once we arrived there, the driver from the hotel that we have made our reservation, already waiting for us. Here in Bandung we stay at Orange House. Here we took a family room which can occupy up to 5 members with a very reasonable rate. It’s really worth it. I would highly recommend you guys to stay here if you are not too fussy. The only thing which is lacked is their cafĂ© in which every day, they serve the same menu for breakfast (nasi uduk). But for me it’s still ok with the amount we pay. I'll continue in my next post.

Moved In

Alhamdulillah....I have successfully moved in all the big things from my current house into our new house last Saturday.
I rent a 3 tonne lorry with the cost of RM300.
However, I haven't stay there yet.
Insyallah....this Saturday i'll plan to do some doa recital and everything for new house.
Maybe this Sunday, we will officially stay there.
Though it will be a new house, we'll definitely missed the current house.
We have been staying here for almost 3 years with all the lovely memories.

My Little Kitchen Cabinet

Its a bit hefty week for me. There's a lot of work that need to be done. I don't even have time to update on my previous vacation to Indonesia. I'll update about it on my next post. Insyaallah.

At last, we have done with kitchen cabinet. We pre booked the kitchen during Ramadhan but only yesterday we managed to installed it.
Two days before the kitchen being installed, i've done some painting on the kitchen wall itself. Well, just want to change the dull white color into something that will fit with the new kitchen.
So here goes how the kichen looks, before, during and after the installation.

I'm Certified

Alhamdulillah. I’ve passed the exam. Now I’m officially Certified Ethical Hacker. But I will only receive the certificate within one month time. Here’s the temporary certificate while waiting for the actual one to arrive from US.

This week, I’ll be working for only two days. On Wednesday I’ll be going for a holiday together with my mother, father, brother, wife and my daughter in Indonesia. So BON VOYAGE

CEH Training

Next week, 12 to 16 October, I'll be attending CEH training. It was sponsored by the Bank.
It's a bit pressure for me as i was told to make sure passing the exam.
So guys, please pray for my success.


Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
Maaf Zahir dan Batin

From Us:
Wan Azhar
Farrah Nor
Wan Nur Adriana

Adriana...posing with her raya outfit. The sweeter the smile...the more angpow you will get my dear. hehehehe

Ramadhan Al Mubarak

First of all I would like to apologize for never updating my blog for quite some time. Well here goes my update before the Aidilfitri.

It was a really tough Ramadhan for us this year. A day before the fasting months began, my house was broken by a burglar. I’ve lost quite a hefty amount of cash, my laptop, broadband, jewelry, hand phone. Rough estimation of the total lost was about RM6K. I made a police report, but I thought will search for a finger print (like the CSI), unfortunately, they just snap some pictures. So right now, I can’t blogging from my house while waiting for a new laptop as well as new USB broadband modem. I might buy the modem after the Hari Raya Aidilfitri. On the laptop, heard that the Bank management has approved all IT personnel to be given laptop.

Next on the Iftar. This year I do received a lot of invitation from vendors to join them for Buka Puasa event. I turned down most of them due to the time constraint during weekdays as I need to fetch my wife and my daughter first. And as we all know, traffic was quite bad during this Ramadhan. However, I did attend one event since it was organized on Saturday. The best part was, I was given the power to choose where to go. Considering on the location, parking as well as the traffic, I choose Sime Darby Convention Centre. It was a nice venue with variety of food. Unfortunately, I can’t enjoy all of it since Adriana was not in a good mood. We have to leave there early.

On the next day, I did attend another Iftar. This time it was with my old colleagues during university time. So far, we never failed to organize this type of event every year. Eventhough this year, it was a bit rushed and last minute effort, thank God the event was a success. This time, Adriana was in a good mood. However, she was too active running around. So she missed some of the photography session. Here’s some of the picture from the event.

Kitchen Cabinet, Cornis etc

I've done with the wiring and grill fro my new house. The term done means, i have ordered it but yet to be installed.
Now me and my wife are looking for kitchen cabinet with the best price.
The design I'm thinking of something like this. But don't make any assumptions that my kitchen is really this big. Just a sketch.
Right now, I'm still still busy looking for the best ever price and try to make the comparison.

Last but not least, I wish everyone a "Selamat Berpuasa di bulan Ramadhan".

Some Update

It has been almost a month since my last update. I was quite busy lately with all the jobs, tasks as well as those daily routines.

On my career, I've got a new IT security section head. The best thing is she was my previous colleague in SCAN. So, communication wise shouldn't be a big problem for me. On top of that, I can feel somehow or rather the burden that I carried before has been reduced. It's a bit easier to talk to your superior rather than talking and explaining direct to the BIG BOSS.

On my family, Adriana has been walking steadily and even running. Now I can somehow relax by not need to carry her on. But another headache would be to catch her.Now, she's already 1 year 5 months old.

Another good news. Last week, I received a letter from my housing developer with the title " Vacant Possession of Property". Alhamdulillah. Our new house have completed. Even though its not really a big house, at least it is a terrace house. Now, to prepare for all the wiring, grills and everything would definitely cost a huge amount of money. Anyone want to help..is very much welcome. I hope we can move in after Raya the soonest. I'm not really rushing to moved in since the house that I'm staying right now is also mine. We planned to do it bit by bit. We need to compare all the quotations and select the best of it. again, anyone who have any contact, please let me know.

This weekend, I'll be going to Port Dickson together with some of my wife family members. Looking forward a relaxing weekend. Cheers.

Man United VS Malaysia

It was a last ditch effort actually. I was assuming none of my MU fan colleague decided to go to the match. Until I have a chat with Sopi. He mentioned that he’s already bought the ticket. Oh GOD. How come he didn’t inform me earlier?

So on that day, I’ve forced him to look for additional ticket for me as well. Sorry Sopi. Unfortunately the ticket sold out at NIKE One Utama. I’ve tried to check from the Pro Event website and it’s still available. But the only available seats available are the free seating behind the goal post worth RM58. I look for the authorized ticket reseller and called them. Luckily Rock Corner in Subang Parade still got a plenty of it.

All of sudden, Nik Apis name pop up inside my brain. So I gave him a call and he’s also thinking that everyone not interested to watch that match. So I’ve him to buy the ticket at Rock Corner since his office is just nearby Jalan Gasing. Taraaaaaaaaaa….we managed to get the ticket. But just the ticket, without any training passes.

In the evening, my officemate Muiz told me he got the RM68 ticket which has a better view. Oh my GOD. So, I decided to take it and last evening as well I started advertising the RM58 tickets for SALE. I just sell it with the normal price without any markup. I thought no one would bother about it. But my assumption was totally wrong. Within a few minutes the tickets has been grab. If only I sold it a bit higher…..hehehehe

This morning, I received the tickets. To make it more interesting I’ve received as well the training passes for tomorrow. Yahooooo…I’ll definitely go there as well. Here’s the look of it.

p/s: Din…jgn jeles yer….Chelsiot , Arsengal dgn Liverfool fan pun jgn jeles gak