Last Day

Looks like i managed to achieve one of this year resolution earlier than expected.
Yes. Another job change. Hehehehe.

I'll be joining a banking line again. I guess it is well suited with my experience plus all the benefits that most other organization doesn't have.

Wish me luck for the future, and it's definitely a new challenge for me.

Trip to Guangzhou - Shenzhen

I’m no longer a regular blogger compared to previous years before.
Well, have to admit that with the existence of other social media such facebook writing a blog nowadays really tough and challenging. But I’ll try my best to keep my blog posted….at least something to say every year. Hehehehe
Last month 18 – 21/3/2013 all of us – myself, wife, daughter & both my parents we went on a holiday trip to Guangzhou & Shenzhen China. We actually booked the trip last year during Selangor Matta Fair. This was the first time I took a travel package. There are pro and cons of this. I’ll share about it:

  1. You will have an English speaking tour guide. Most of the people in Guangzhou and Shenzhen could not speak English.
  2. Easier for you to move around since to get taxi is quite hard especially after office hour. We had a terrible experience just trying to get a taxi
  3. You got to know some basic history of the country.
  4. Meals are covered. No need to worry looking for Halal a restaurant


  1. You are tight to the schedule. You can’t skip the itinerary.
  2. Some of the place visited not really relevant. We were bring to one of a Jed shop in Shenzhen, but still they bring us to another shop in Guangzhou
  3. Limited time for shopping. Definitely my most frustrating moments

We departed from KL on 18/3 at around 4.20pm and reached Guangzhou around 8.20pm. While waiting for our luggage and immigration check, almost 9.45 only we managed to meet our tourist guide. Her name is Stephanie. So nothing much we can do, just straight away checked in to the Hotel (Longzhou Grand Hotel). I’ve tried asking some direction from the reception but unfortunately no one speaks English.

The next morning as early as 7.30 am we departed from the hotel straight to Shenzhen. Guangzhou to Shenzhen took about two and half hour drive.Our first destination in Shenzhen – New World of China.

We didn’t really enter the New World China. Just taking some pictures from the compound. This place is like Taman Mini Indonesia in which they have replicate unit of Eiffel Tower, Collosium etc.

It's quite hard to get the picture of my second daughter....This is the best that I managed to snap.

Next, we went to the Chinese Tea factory or shop I can say. We were introduced with different types of Chinese tea with different type of flavor. We did bought some as a souvenir for friends and relatives back in Malaysia.

Don't ask me what does the signboard says. Most of the shops in China not really tourist friendly. No sorry.
After having our lunch, we went to Jade Shop. There's not much picture from there as camera are not allowed. Here's some i managed to snap outside the show area.

And yes. Both my mother and my wife bought a ring with Jade on top of it. Hehehehehhe. Price varies based on the age of the Jade.