We at Bank Muamalat, received our pay day every 22nd on each month. Based on my offer letter when I first joined the bank, it does mentioned that those joining the bank between January till June will received their annual increment on January every year and those joining between July till December will received their annual increment on July.

Recall back, I left EON Bank on the 5th June 2008 and I joined Muamalat on the 9th June 2008. In accordance to the offer letter, meaning I should get my annual increment. I didn’t put too much hope of getting the increment since I’ve just served the bank about 7 months (June to Jan).

I can consider myself lucky since I do receive the annual increment. On top of that, I also got my EDP (Electronic Data Processing) allowance. With this, I plan to settle all my debt the credit card especially and increase my contribution in Tabung Haji and ASB as well.

Right now, everyone is waiting for the bonus. Not sure whether we will receive it or not. But for me, a pro rate might be possible. Normally, they will receive it somewhere in March. Rumors have been flying around saying that there will be no bonus at all. There are also rumors saying that we can received at least one month. I pray for the better one of course.

Adriana Admitted

My worst nightmare came true last Friday when the doctor said Adriana need to be admitted due to her diarrhea and vomiting. This means that she had to take a drip.

It was about 8.30pm when we arrived at Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital. Before we went to the hospital, we did went to a panel clinic and they refer us to the specialist. On the day itself, Adriana had diarrhea more than 10 times already. She really looks so tired. My wife didn't have the guts to look on how the nurse putting on the drip, so it was my job. By the time the needle stuck into her little hand, she was crying a lot. All of sudden my tears falls on as well.

We were forced to take a 4 bedded rooms, since there's no empty 2 bedded rooms in which my wife entitle for. I didn't use the bank GL coz its quite tedious. Off we went to the room and here's the picture of her on the first day.
That night, she slept really well and only woke up in the morning. The next day, my parents and my brother arrived from Ipoh. Well, this is their first granddaughter, of course they care a lot. At the same day, she started became hyperactive and easily she pulled of the drip. The nurse had no choice but to put the drip again, but this time on the other hand. The nurse tried two times on the other hand but they failed. The reason was Adriana vain was too small. So the doctor himself choose to drip her at her foot. Again, I can feel how in pain she was.
After spending almost four days at the hospital, Alhamdulillah she was discharged yesterday. She hasn't fully recovered yet but somehow it has improved. We still need to monitor her closely. Hopefully she will get better and we both can come back to the office.

Sad....My Baby......

It has been a bit messy this week.

On Monday, when I picked up my baby from the nursery, there are some rashes on her hand and leg. Immediately upon returning from the office I bring her to the clinic. Thank god the doctor told that it was just a normal virus and should be ok.

On Tuesday, as usual we sent Adriana to nursery. About 10.30 am we received a call from them saying that we need to take her back since they suspected she had “campak”. Again? I keep on arguing with them, but in the end I had to take emergency leave to bring her back home. Then we went to the clinic again and this time the doctor confirmed it was “campak”. For your info, this time the rash was really bad compare to my previous entry on it. All her hand, body and legs are full with rashes. Meaning, last time wasn’t really “campak”. Hehehehe… Surprisingly, no fever at all. She remains active as usual.

On Wednesday, my wife got MC to take care of her. Then about 10.00 am I got a call from my wife saying that Adriana keeps on vomiting all her food and milk. It really makes me worries. Again upon returning from the office, I bring her to the clinic. But this time we decided to bring her to a different clinic. I’m using my wife panel clinic since the panel clinic of mine around my house was totally sucks.

Yesterday, I’m attending a seminar on DNS Security: Old Vulnerabilities and New Realities at Eastin Hotel PJ. Between morning and lunch session, I keep on receiving SMS from my wife saying that Adriana having diarrhea. So, just after the session finished, immediately I went back home and bring her to Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital. This time the doctor told us that my baby might get some food poisoning and almost dehydrated. Luckily I came early, if not my baby might need to take a drip. As for yesterday alone, I think we have changed her diapers about 15 times.

Today, I cannot take a leave since I have to relief my boss. He was on leave today. But, if things still not improved, definitely family comes first. So guys, please pray for my baby health. She seems to lose some weight already and it really makes me feel so sad.

Support the Palestine

As a Muslim, those who have blogs or anything...friendster, myspace, facebook, please put this poster to your site.

Please send it your votes as well.

New Year 2009

Maybe it's a bit late for me to wish happy new year 2009.

Well, before looking into this year resolution, let's look back on last year resolution.

Year 2008

Last year achievement:

1) Lose some weight - failed i think
2) New Car - Achieved. Bought a Myvi
3) Save extra money for my newborn baby- Achieved. Open up Tabung Haji account as well as Prudential education plan

So, for this year

1) Again, lose some weight
2) Bought landed house
3) Save extra income
4) Look for a better pay (optional). Since I just switch job in june.
5) Travel at least twice

Today, is the first day Adriana being send to a nursery. Actually this nursery was provided by TNB and guess what....we have register Adriana since she was 3 months old inside the womb. only the turn appear.

This morning, when I sent her....she looked a bit shocked with so many kids. The amazing thing is that she did not cried at all. While others crying, she calmly looking around everyone. Hehehehe...good girl. Camtulah anak ayah. Hope tomorrow will be the same as well. The fact that, at nursery she will no longer be sleeping in a cradle worries me a lot.