Past 2 weeks

Well, it has been sometimes since I last update my blog. Well let me start with some activity that i had last two weeks on the 20 September 2008.
on that day I bring my wife and my daughter for a Buka Puasa event with my university colleagues. It was held at Hotel Sri Petaling. Why we choose that venue?
one of my friends works in the parent company of that hotel. So, we got a cheaper price for the buffet. Every year we had this type of gathering and each year we changed the venue. Well here are the menu served at the hotel.Once we finished with all the meals around 9.30p.m, we then headed to Komplek Sukan Negara Bukit Jalil for a futsal session. Hahahaha. Maybe you might think we're crazy, but that's how we enjoy it.

Last week on 26 September 2008, I had another Buka Puasa event. This time it was organized by one of our vendor at Le Meridien KL. This is the first time I joined any Buka Puasa event organized by the vendor. I received a plenty of invitation but all I had to turned it down considering my wife and my baby alone at our house. This time, my wife let me joined it since its almost end of Ramadhan. Overall I think the food is OK.
By the time i write this post, almost everyone already on leave. This year, I can only take my leave after Raya but next year I can take it before raya. Another sad thing is that my father in law currently admitted in the Hospital Putrajaya. Hope that he can be discharge before Raya. I pray for his wellness.


Inside my friend nurman blog, he did mentioned that he would like to see me with different hairstyle. Ciss....
Well here goes nothing. I do this through the website recommended by him.

Here are some of the image. So what do you think about it?

All this picture was among the style from early 50's until now. And the last one....the "ayu" one:


It has been a while since I last update my blog. First of all, I went back to my hometown last Friday since Monday was a holiday. On top of that, the main reason for me went back is to get my car repaired. Luckily, it just cost me RM130 for the damages. Here’s the picture of my car with scratch less. Looks like new right?

Today is the second day of Ramadhan. I would like to ask forgiveness from all who reads my blog. Maybe I did write something that might hurt someone or others feelings. Do remember to perform the tarawih. In fact during this month, all the syaitans are tight up.

You can access my blog through this URL as well.

In fact if anyone of you would like to change their blog from to something different like @ @ etc. Please sign yourself to this website.

In fact you can have subdomain under your domain. For example you can have

Last but not least, Man United at last managed to sign Dimitar Berbatov from Spurs after more than two weeks transfer saga. I’m looking forward for his first match with United against Liverpool this 13 Sept. Glory glory Man United.