My 31st Birthday

There are lots of things to write actually. But yet I've not much time to do it.

Last Sunday meant I'm already 31 years old. This time, I've taken two days leave on Thursday and Friday last week. We went to Melaka. We stayed one in A Famosa Resort and the other night at Hatten Hotel. usual, every time I went to Melaka I will never missed to taste Asam Pedas as well as Ikan Bakar near Muara Sungai Duyung.

As for this year birthday, I got a special gift from my wife.
It's something that really want have it and try to play around with it.
Can you guess what is it?
But, frankly I think it will take some time for me to master it and maybe months or years to even dream of taking some part time jobs with it. Just kidding. Not in my plan to do this for part time jobs. I have some better things to earn part time income.Will share about it later in my next post.

Well, this is actually the present and it's good one for a beginner like me I guess.

And for the birthday cake...I did snap it with this new gadget but haven't upload it yet. Maybe later.
As usual, my daughter Adriana will always thinks that it was her birthday and she's the one blowing the candle.

I forgot to mentioned that, I have participated in a contest organized by the company. It's called Fit & Fab Challenge. I almost managed to join it last year, only to be eliminated last minute. This competition is almost the same like Biggest Loser competition. Hehehehhehe.

For your information, I've been losing weight quite consistently from my diet as well all the exercises. And it's almost come to the finale. With original 17 contestants now only left with 11 and proud to say I'm one of it. But, shocking things happen, we have official weight in every Monday. Last Monday I didn't lost weight at all but I increased by 1.2kg. Surely because I ate too much Asam Pedas, Ikan Bakar and the cakes. Now I have to buckle up before the final weight in this 27/6/2012. Wish me luck