Man United VS Malaysia

It was a last ditch effort actually. I was assuming none of my MU fan colleague decided to go to the match. Until I have a chat with Sopi. He mentioned that he’s already bought the ticket. Oh GOD. How come he didn’t inform me earlier?

So on that day, I’ve forced him to look for additional ticket for me as well. Sorry Sopi. Unfortunately the ticket sold out at NIKE One Utama. I’ve tried to check from the Pro Event website and it’s still available. But the only available seats available are the free seating behind the goal post worth RM58. I look for the authorized ticket reseller and called them. Luckily Rock Corner in Subang Parade still got a plenty of it.

All of sudden, Nik Apis name pop up inside my brain. So I gave him a call and he’s also thinking that everyone not interested to watch that match. So I’ve him to buy the ticket at Rock Corner since his office is just nearby Jalan Gasing. Taraaaaaaaaaa….we managed to get the ticket. But just the ticket, without any training passes.

In the evening, my officemate Muiz told me he got the RM68 ticket which has a better view. Oh my GOD. So, I decided to take it and last evening as well I started advertising the RM58 tickets for SALE. I just sell it with the normal price without any markup. I thought no one would bother about it. But my assumption was totally wrong. Within a few minutes the tickets has been grab. If only I sold it a bit higher…..hehehehe

This morning, I received the tickets. To make it more interesting I’ve received as well the training passes for tomorrow. Yahooooo…I’ll definitely go there as well. Here’s the look of it.

p/s: Din…jgn jeles yer….Chelsiot , Arsengal dgn Liverfool fan pun jgn jeles gak