Kitchen Cabinet, Cornis etc

I've done with the wiring and grill fro my new house. The term done means, i have ordered it but yet to be installed.
Now me and my wife are looking for kitchen cabinet with the best price.
The design I'm thinking of something like this. But don't make any assumptions that my kitchen is really this big. Just a sketch.
Right now, I'm still still busy looking for the best ever price and try to make the comparison.

Last but not least, I wish everyone a "Selamat Berpuasa di bulan Ramadhan".

Some Update

It has been almost a month since my last update. I was quite busy lately with all the jobs, tasks as well as those daily routines.

On my career, I've got a new IT security section head. The best thing is she was my previous colleague in SCAN. So, communication wise shouldn't be a big problem for me. On top of that, I can feel somehow or rather the burden that I carried before has been reduced. It's a bit easier to talk to your superior rather than talking and explaining direct to the BIG BOSS.

On my family, Adriana has been walking steadily and even running. Now I can somehow relax by not need to carry her on. But another headache would be to catch her.Now, she's already 1 year 5 months old.

Another good news. Last week, I received a letter from my housing developer with the title " Vacant Possession of Property". Alhamdulillah. Our new house have completed. Even though its not really a big house, at least it is a terrace house. Now, to prepare for all the wiring, grills and everything would definitely cost a huge amount of money. Anyone want to very much welcome. I hope we can move in after Raya the soonest. I'm not really rushing to moved in since the house that I'm staying right now is also mine. We planned to do it bit by bit. We need to compare all the quotations and select the best of it. again, anyone who have any contact, please let me know.

This weekend, I'll be going to Port Dickson together with some of my wife family members. Looking forward a relaxing weekend. Cheers.