Moved In

Alhamdulillah....I have successfully moved in all the big things from my current house into our new house last Saturday.
I rent a 3 tonne lorry with the cost of RM300.
However, I haven't stay there yet.
Insyallah....this Saturday i'll plan to do some doa recital and everything for new house.
Maybe this Sunday, we will officially stay there.
Though it will be a new house, we'll definitely missed the current house.
We have been staying here for almost 3 years with all the lovely memories.

My Little Kitchen Cabinet

Its a bit hefty week for me. There's a lot of work that need to be done. I don't even have time to update on my previous vacation to Indonesia. I'll update about it on my next post. Insyaallah.

At last, we have done with kitchen cabinet. We pre booked the kitchen during Ramadhan but only yesterday we managed to installed it.
Two days before the kitchen being installed, i've done some painting on the kitchen wall itself. Well, just want to change the dull white color into something that will fit with the new kitchen.
So here goes how the kichen looks, before, during and after the installation.