Ibu Outstation

Yesterday, I was alone at house with Adriana since my wife went to JB. It can be considered as hectic day in my life. While having to take of Adriana, I also need to monitor the workers at our backyard as well as our frontyard. We did some minor renovations (not renovations actually, just do extra piping and some cement slapping).

And in any normal day, while my wife was around, it would be her job to do washing when Adriana having her poo. Yesterday, Adriana had a poo, not once but three times. I'm sure my wife will be laughing if she reads this.

Eventhough I was so tired yesterday, still I enjoy that moment. Adriana has been playing with her Teddy bear as well as her new bicycle. And some time, she sings all the songs she knew such as Ibu, Shahir (Kebahagiaan dlm perpisahan) and Balik Kampung.
Here's a capture that i managed to snap while i'm reheating the meals last night

This one is a movie which i snap long time ago. She was singing Ibu (from the fearnleaf ad)