Trip to Melaka

Since Wesak Day falls on tuesday, I did take a leave on Monday. We went to Melaka for some holiday. But for me, the main target would be Asam Pedas and Muara Ikan Bakar Sungai Duyung.

We went there on Sunday and back to KL on tuesday. We depart at around 10.30am and I expect us to reach there during lunch hour so that we can take our lunch then only proceed for check in. Our first destination - Hajjah Mona asam pedas. As usual my choice would definitely the stingray (pari). At first I just order one, but once i taste it it makes me order another one. Overall i give a thumbs up for the taste and the spicy. This is what we call asam pedas.We checked in at Hotel Seri Costa. It's just nearby Mahkota Parade as well as all the historical place. Overall the hotel is OK considering my wife got it for free since she joined one travel club. We plan to stay atAyer Keroh Village Resort at first, but somehow it is fully booked.

Around 4.00pm I bring my wife and my daughter up to Menara Taming Sari. The ticket cost RM10 for adult but I can't remember the amount charged for kids. Overall, i wonder why don't they built in much higher. Then we went around that area including the museum which was built on ship. I still remember the last time i went there was during my standard 5 or 6 if i'm not mistaken.

After maghrib, straight away we went to Muara Ikan Bakar Sungai Duyung. It was about 6km from our hotel. How do i know the direction? As usual, my really best friend - GARMIN help us all the way. Hehehehehe. I guess the timing we arrived there was just nice. Then only around 8.30pm the place starts to get packed.I took one Siakap (850gm) as well as some squid. They suggested me to cook the fish into two different meals. Half sweet sour and the other half normal "ikan bakar style". The taste was really nice. As for the squid we asked for "goreng tepung". The price is just nice with all the fruit juice and rice - RM44.

The next day, around 10.00am we went too Zoo Melaka. Well, I'll continue later on our visit to the zoo. I can't concentrate now since my daughter keep on touching the keyboard.

Poem Recitation

Just some updates from my previous poem recitation contest. I have almost completed on the memorization (last two sentences only). However, all of sudden we received email from Corporate Comm personnel saying that each department can only be represented by one participant. This is to cut short the time as we only have one and half hour for the session.

Based on the earlier list that we submitted, ITD should be represented by three persons – me myself, Haszalina and Aida. So we have to choose the best one to participate and represent our department. Initially, Aida pulled off since she had migraine while attempting to memorize the entire poem. Hahahhaha. So it comes to the two of us.

Unfortunately, during that day we have the nationwide DR test for Rentas. Since, I’m one of those in charge for Rentas so I have no choice to pull off from the competition as well. In the end, ITD managed to grab the third prize and won I Pod shuffle.

Spider Web long since my last update.
Actually lots of thing to update.

1) What happen to the poem recitation?
2) My holiday trip to Melaka
3) My company team building

Hopefully...i'll update all this within this week.
Stay tuned.

p/s: Sorry coz didn't write too long....still trying to booked air asia promotions ticket