Singapore Trip Part 1

My next vacation trip for this year is Singapore. I booked the flight in November last year. As usual…Airsia free tickets. This is not the first time I went to Singapore actually. Last time, when my grandmother stays in JB, we usually went to Singapore as well. But that was 10 – 15 years ago. Hahahahha.

I’m not really enjoyed going for a country in which I’ll become poorer. The last two countries that I visited was Hong Kong and Indonesia both has a lower exchange rate. The currency rate there was quite high. During that time it was RM2.46 = SGD1. But considering that my main destination is Universal Studios, so why not spending. Maybe it will once in a lifetime visit only.

I went there from 14th July – 17th July 2011 and we stayed in a budget hotel around Geylang. Forgot to mentioned, I went there with my wife, daughter, father, mother and two of my younger brother. Geylang is an area which can be consider as black area. But our hotel is Emerald Fragrance Hotel located in Lorong 6. The black area is around Lorong 20. And our hotel is just a walking distance to Kallang MRT station. On top of that, it is also within distance to two restaurants. One we always drop by for breakfast and the other one for our dinner.

We arrived at night on 14th July. So the next day, around 8.30am we went out for breakfast and took the MRT to Universal Studios.

We reached there around 9.30am. It only opens at 10.00 am. So while waiting for it to be open, we just snapped some pictures.

By the time it's open, its already crowded with people. We have to queue up quite long before entering the USS. I was told that if we come on weekends, the crowd is much more than weekdays. So Friday for us, was not really a bad one.I found that USS is not much different from Hong Kong Disneyland. Except that Disneyland is slightly bigger than USS. I did managed to cover everything in USS not like in Disneyland which i missed some of the show there. I don't think i can upload all pictures here. I might put it in my FB later. But i really frustrated with the picture i took with Marilyn Monroe....the cameraman shakes a lot and in the end resulting a blurr image of me. Was thinking of posing only with her, but my wife did not agree with the idea. Heheheh

So we spent the entire day in Universal Studios. We went back around 7.30pm.
I'll continue my posting later on our sightseeing and shopping tour around Singapore.