Wan Alya Irdhina


Irdhina has already one month old.
This post was actually meant for last week but I'm quite busy lately and only now I can update my blog.

Last week, as usual every Friday I will go back to my in law house to see my wife, my daughter and my baby. In one week time, Irdhina looks so different. She's so chubby. You can see it for yourself later.

Since she's already one month old, we decided to bring her for "sunat". Sorry no time to find out the correct translation. On top of that, I do the shaving of her hair as well.

And my mother said Irdhina looks exactly like Ardiana last time especially after we shave her hair. Coincidentally, last time we did wear adriana a same orange colour shirt as this one.

Today...I received MMS from my wife.....A nasty mosquito has bitten the chubby cheek of my daughter. Here's how it looks.

See...how chubby she is now. And my wife said that she drinks a lot of milk everyday. It's actually a breastfeed milk.