Alhamdulillah. This month pay day, was also the day a bonus being given. For me, even though I'm not really entitle for at least one month (like most of the other staff got). I've been in the bank for about 10 months only (June08 - April09) and to received even on a prorate basis was a big gift already.

But one thing did bother me is the amount of tax deducted on the bonus given itself. I've got deducted about RM600. For me, its really a huge amount especially i'm only a receive a prorate basis bonus. Definitely, for my next year income tax will be an overpaid of tax. I wonder whether LHDN will return back all the excess.

As a gift for my wife, i bought her a handbag with her own choice. Eventhough its not really an original handbag, but it's actually an AAA gred and quite expensive as well. Here's a look of handbag choose by her.
And for my lovely baby Adriana, i already bought her a toy but i plan to bought another toy as well plus some new cloth for her, maybe tomorrow.

Langkawi Trip

As promised, this is the posting on my vacation last week to Langkawi Island. We went there on 2nd April and return back on 6th April 2009.

We took a flight at 6.50pm and luckily there's no delay and we reached the island around 7.50pm. By the time we reached there, Normah from Perdana Beach Resort already waiting for us. We got a free 3 days 2 night stay at the resort actually. Nothing much to be done on the first day, just looking for something to eat as our dinner. Here's the look of the resort. It can occupy 4 adult and 4 children. Its a two rooms resort with complete facilities.

In the next morning, we took a package for island hopping. It starts around 9.00am and ends at 1.00pm. As usual, the first destination would be the Tasik Dayang Bunting. Its quite a tired day since i have to carry Adri ana all the way up and down all the staircase. I wish Adriana can walk by herslef. Next, we went to Pulau Helang (Eagle Island) where eagle feeding activity was the main activity there. I didn't had the opportunity to snap lot of picture there since Adriana was sleeping and i need to hold her. Lastly, we went to Pantai Beras Basah (Wet Rice Beach). Most people enjoy some swimming activities here but not for us. Only Adriana taste it while both of us try to avoid sun burnt.'s almost 1.00pm during that time. Definitely i'll get sun burnt.
After coming back to our resort and taking a short nap, we rent a car which cost RM50 per day and headed to Pekan Kuah doing some survey of chocolates before buying it later. Heheheh. We found out the price has changed a lot since few years back. That night, before going back to the resort, we stop by at Medan Selera Nelayan. The best thing here was all the fish, prawn, squid are fresh. We bought some fish, prawn, squid etc and it cost only RM36. Not bad, considering the amount of prawn and squid that i took.

Next day, we went for cable car ride at the Oriental Village. The ticket cost RM15 per person for those who have Mykad. Foreigners are charged at RM30 per person. Adriana enjoy herself so much with the ride.

12.30pm we need to check out from Perdana Beach Resort. Next we headed to Pantai Tengah in which Rumah Peranginan TNB was located. It cost only RM20 for 3 days 2 nights stay. That's the advantage of having my wife as a TNB staff. The view from the house was superb.
A day before we come back to KL, again we went to Kuah Town for shopping. A total of almost RM300 was spent only for the chocolates. We didn't buy any cookingware or lunch/dinner set since it would be troublesome for me especially to carry it later. Maybe in another few years, we will come back and by that time Adriana already grown up.

Happy 2nd Anniversary

Today marked the 2nd year of our wedding. To my wife Farrah, thanks for being such a lovely wife. May Allah bless our marriage forever. I'll update later on our trip to Langkawi.


Today will be my last day of the week I’m working. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not leaving the Bank for other job. Instead I will be on a long vacation. Not really too long. Only from 2nd to 6th April 2009. I’ll be going to Langkawi with my wife and my lovely daughter.

This is not a normal holiday. We can consider it as pre celebration of our 2nd year anniversary which falls on the 7th April 2009. I pray for God so that our marriage will always be bless and last forever. I’ll update again once I come back from the holiday.