Little Apartment

Taman Desa Batu Caves.
This was my first house. I bought it back in 2008 when I got shares from SCAN Associates. I still remember when I sold some units of my shares and managed to put a 10% down payment for it. During that time, my budget would be a house below RM100k and I managed to buy it for RM91k. During that time, with an income of less than RM2k per month, it's definitely a big sacrifice. I have to control all my expenses.
The house always remain in some chapter of my life. It is where I stayed for almost two years plus together with my wife and my eldest daughter Adriana. Since we moved on to our new house, this house I rent it out. Alhamdulillah, I can easily get a rental for the pass 3 years. The location is quite strategic - walking distance to Giant Batu Caves, easy access via DUKE, Sentul Link, MRR2. Rental goes up from Rm500 to RM600 a month. Some people also rent it out at RM650.

Last year, I've decided to sell the house. Reason being? I plan to upgrade my current house. But I'm not too sure about it now. A bit regret actually. The price for new properties is totally crazy nowadays. I was wondering what would be the price for a house by the time our children wants to buy it in the future.

I advertised the house for RM115K. Few months have passed, now the entire process almost comes to an end. I will surely miss my little apartment.

5th Anniversary

7th April 2012 marks the 5th anniversary of our wedding.

On the eve of my anniversary (Friday 6th April), I was planning to go and buy for something which I've been thinking about it earlier. Unfortunately, all of sudden I was hit by a high fever. I was shaking quite badly. And my wife brings me to see the Doctor. My body temperature reach 39.1 degrees. Doctor immediately gave me an injection to lower down the temperature.

The next day, I felt a bit OK and I bring my wife for some Arabic / Yemeni lunch at Hadramawt. But that night, my body again feels uncomfortable. The doctor did remind me to do some blood test should my fever does not improve. And alhamdulillah, as at today the temperature is down just that I still feel some pain on my muscle.

This morning, I received a card from my wife. Thank you so much dear. Love you so much.

Poem Recitation......Again?

Did you guys remember one of my post last year?
You can read it HERE.

Actually, I thought I managed to escape the session last time. Unfortunately, today I received an email from my Head of IT to represent IT for this year contest.
Eventhough the email from him sounds like this:

"Azhar, Can you take this role?"

Does it sound like a I have a choice to turned it down.

Looks like I have to start all over again. Seriously, now I can only remember the first sentence.
Not even the first paragraph.