34 weeks

Last Monday, I bring my wife to Ampang Puteri for her first checkup. It was the first time we went there as normally we did the checkup at a clinic just nearby our house.

My wife now 34 weeks of her pregnancy. I still remember the same time about 3 and half years ago. During that time....Adriana was born. Premature. 34 weeks with a weight of only 2kg. The stories can be refer HERE.

Three and half years has passed....this time our new baby weight already passed her sister Adriana with a weight of 2.1kg. Alhamdulillah....everything looks good.

The expected due date was originally on 22 Oct 2011. But from the last scan it will be on 16 Oct. Right now, i'm always on a standby mode. All the bags have been packed and put inside the car. I don't want the same situation happens when Adriana was born before.

As for the name, we have yet to pick the name for the new baby. Oh...the gender....well....we'll see later. I'll definitely update again soon.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Well, I guess it's not really too late for me to wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Maaf zahir dan batin.As usual....during this festive seasons....definitely there will be lot of open house, cookies, hampers etc. However, as per my previous posting on Biggest Loser ....I have to be cautious of my daily intake. Surely sometimes we can't resist the temptation. Hahahhaha

Just wanna share something.....i didn't disclose it in my previous posting.
When i first joined the company....my weight was about 80kg. Trust me...that was the heaviest ever weight that I've ever reached in my whole life.

I did mentioned...I've been actively control my calories and involve in lot of exercises and managed to lose 3kg. Three months have passed since my posting.....here's my BMI calculation

First one - 80kg 170cm

Clearly states....overweight. With BMI=27.7. Only 2.2 to reach the obesity level.

After 2 months....reduce by 3kg. 77kg 170cm.

One week before hari raya my weight already 74kg 170cm.
Still....slightly overweight. Just over the line by 0.6. BMI=25.6

So my next target.....to achieve the normal BMI. In order to achieve that i need to lose another 2kg at least. Hope that I can succeed. Wish me luck.