Weekend Outing

Last weekend, my mother was in KL. She got a complimentary stay at Impiana KLCC. So she decided to bring my daughter as well her only granddaughter to Aquaria KLCC.
While my mother and father went to Aquaria, me myself and my wife went to the Expo Barangan Buatan Malaysia (Malaysian Homemade Expo). We did buy something there, but all of it are just food. The rest of the thing didn't suits our interest.
On the part of the Convention Centre, Adriana was enjoying herself with my mother and father watching all fish inside Aquaria. At first i was quite afraid whether she will cries all day long. Here's some of the picture that my mother took. She really likes watching all those fish.

Its my birthday....a year older

It’s my birthday today. I’ll be on half day leave today. Well, my wife planned to celebrate it somewhere. Just the two of us, without Adriana. She’ll be staying at nursery. Heheheh.

I received the first wish about 12.05a.m this morning. It was from my mother in Ipoh. Thank you mama, love you so much.

Guess what I get for this year birthday from my wife? It was something that I’ve been dreaming of actually. It is a new NOKIA handphone. Here’s how the phone looks like:

World Record

Guess that everyone already knows that Man United has agreed to sell Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid for a world record of 80 million pounds.

As for me, it has been predicted and I'm not too shock. Since the saga took place last year, I knew that one day he'll definitely be a Real Madrid player. Same situation with previous Man United players such as Beckham, Van Nistelrooy and Heinze. Just hope that SAF will spend the money United received on another superb player such as Benzema or Ribery. Just wait and see, surely SAF will bring a new guy. On the other hand, the sale of Ronaldo would be an opportunity for fringe players such as Nani, Tosic etc.

Glory glory Man United...bye bye Ronaldo

1 year and counting

Today 9/6/2009 marks one year of my service in Bank Muamalat. It's not an easy way to sustain. Especially within one year, I've been working with 3 different Head of Department.
Within this time as well, few of my colleagues has left the organization and even transfered to other department. And lately, people keep on looking for another job. For me....I'll just wait and see.

As what I mentioned in my previous post, there's someone that has been disrupting the harmony in the team. I pray for a new changes inside the organization.

At last....

It has been so while since my last update. Those who has been following my blog, definitely noticed it. I can be consider as an active blogger last time but now its totally different.
There are some obstacles preventing me from updating my blog regularly. Hehehe...is it just some excuses? Well, among the reasons are:

1) The bank have block access to blogger, blogspot, wordpress etc. Even though I'm the one who controls it, but still I would try not to blog during office hour. Hehehehe. I'm the internet master here (proudly)

2) Secondly, I'm too busy with all the projects, working paper, management approval paper, POC. So far everything has been finalized and the projects that I've been handling since the first day I joined already concluded. Just waiting for PO issuance. Thank God.

3) Thirdly, I'm too busy learning new thing in the office or I can say in the IT world right now. I've been the main support for Macbook in the Bank. On top of that, I also need to equipped myself with Blackberry setting and configuration. I took it as a challenge, besides it can be add up to my CV.

Last but not least, here's something about Adriana my lovely daughter. She seems like to dig her nose (is this a correct words?). Here's a picture of her. The image quite blurr since I'm just using my mobile phone. Not DSLR.
I've also bought her a laptop. The main reason was to prevent her from disturbing me when I go online. Unfortunately, it only attracts her for a while.